About Østfold Energi

Sist endret: 02.02.2018

Østfold Energi is an energy producer actively working to develop and improve its activities within renewable energy. The company owns several hydropower plants, is a co-owner of two wind farms and owns six heating plants.

Contact information

Østfold Energi
Kalnesveien 5
N-1712 Grålum, NORWAY

Telephone: +47 69 11 25 00
E-mail: post@ostfoldenergi.no



Chief Executive Officer Oddmund Kroken
Chief Financial Officer Per Ove Torper
Director HR, IT and Communication Hege Håkonsen
Director Heat Johnny Pedersen
Director Hydropower Bjørn Rørvik
Director Market and Business Development Morten Karlsen
Director Strategy Tommy Fredriksen



As of February 2017, the company had a total number of 54 employees.


Østfold Energi owns and operates power plants in Sogn og Fjordane county and Østfold county. The company is also co-owner of Siso and Lakshola hydropower stations in Nordland county. Annual production is approximately 2,2 GWh, enough to supply more than 110,000 households (based on a household consumtion of 22,500 KWh a year). Østfold Energi’s share of Norway’s total hydropower production is 1.6 per cent. 

Read more about our hydropower plants.

Wind power

Østfold Energi is co-owner of Kvalheim Kraft DA, who owns and operates the windmill park Mehuken in Sogn og Fjordane on the west coast of Norway. The wind farm was opened in 2001 with five wind turbines. In 2010 the wind farm was extended with additional eight wind turbines, and in 2015 the five original turbines were replaced with three new and more efficient turbines. The annual production is now 65 GWh.The approximately 3,000 households in the Vågsøy municipality are now self-supported with electricity from the wind turbines at Mehuken.

Østfold Energi is also co-owner of Midtfjellet Vindkraft AS. Read more about Midtfjellet vindkraft (in Norwegian).

District heating

Østfold Energi owns and operates several heating plants linked to a district heating grid in Østfold county. The size of the grid varies, covering everything from a single building to an entire town. Our most extensive district heating system is in Sarpsborg, and we are also established in Eidsberg, Rakkestad and Halden.


Østfold Energi has invested in other companies with a view to increasing production of renewable energy and contributing to the development of the Østfold community. The most important investments are:

Company   Shareholding  
Siso Energi AS 50 %
NGK Utbygging AS 25 %
Eldrevatn Kraftverk AS 70 %
Nivla Kraft AS 60,5 %
Haldenvassdragets brukseierforening 35,4 %
Kvalheim Kraft DA 50 %
Zephyr AS 50 %
Midtfjellet Vindkraft AS 18,1 %

Ownership structure

Østfold Energi AS is owned by the Østfold County Municipality with 50% of the shares. The remaining shares are owned by 13 local Østfold municipalities. The company has a share capital of NOK 70.0 million, divided into 70,000 shares of NOK 1,000 each.