Our power plants

Sist endret: 03.05.2011

Østfold Energi owns hydropower plants in Indre Sogn, Nordland and Østfold and owns two waste-to-energy plants in Østfold.

Hydro power

Annual mean production in the company's own plants and co-owned plants:

Power plant Annual mean

1 013 GWh

Siso (50% share) 479 GWh

165 GWh


449 GWh

Lakshola (50% share) 58 GWh

30 GWh

Tistedalsfoss (16.3% share)

13 GWh


9 GWh


2,216 GWh

(1 GWh = 1 mill kWh)

Borgund power plant

borgund_inngang6Borgund is Østfold Energi's largest hydropower plant. The power plant has three power stations – Øljusjøen, Borgund (picture right), and Stuvane in Lærdal Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane County.

The developed watercourse comprises nine mountain lakes. View map of the catchment area (PDF).

The Lærdal River is known as one of the best salmon rivers in Norway. Four salmon ladders and a hatchery to produce one million fries were built at the same time as the power plant was constructed. A device has been installed in Borgund power station to secure sufficient waterflow in the river in case of production stoppage. Unfortunately the salmon stock was attacked by the parasite Gyrodactylos salaris some years ago. Aluminium sulphate has been used as "parasite killer".

Naddvik kraftstasjonNyset-Steggje power plant

The power plant comprises Nyset and Naddvik (picture right) power stations. The watercourses are in the high mountains between Årdal and Lærdal. The developed watercourse comprises six mountain lakes. The water tunnels' total length is 20 km.

View map of catchment area (PDF).

Brekke power station

Brekke power station in the course of the Halden River has been in operation since 1924. For many years the station's technology and style of building were regarded as advanced and future-oriented. Through the years many energy experts have visited the station.

The dam you can see is 26.6 m high and by that the second highest gravitation dam in Europe.

Ørje kraftstasjonØrje power station

Ørje power station (picture right) by the Ørje waterfall was built in 1943. The power station was seriously damaged in June 2004 due to lightning. Østfold Energi has built a new station on the same location. Annual production is 9 GWh.

Siso and Lakshola

In 2009 Østfold Energi, together with Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk, purchased Siso and Lakshola power plants in Nordland county. Combined production at the power plants totals around 1 TWh. 


Østfold Engergi owns and operates two modern waste-to-energy plants in Sarpsborg and Rakkestad. Both plants convert waste residue (house refuse and industrial waste) into thermal energy (process steam) to nearby industrial companies.

Sarpsborg waste-to-energy plant

  • SarpsborganleggetOpened in 2003 by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy
  • Wholly-owned by Østfold Energi
  • Is situated on Borregaard's premises in Sarpsborg
  • Cost price MNOK 170
  • 185 GWh thermal energy is produced from 75,000 tonnes of waste
  • The thermal energy is delivered as process heat to Borregaard
  • Borregaard's use of heavy fuel oil is by this reduced by 15,000 tonnes
  • The technology reduces CO2 emission by 20,000 tonnes annually

Rakkestad waste-to-energy plant

  • Rakkestad-anleggetOpened in 2005
  • Wholly-owned by Østfold Energi
  • Is situated in an industrial area in Rakkestad Municipality
  • 25 GWh thermal energy is produced from 10,000 tonnes of waste
  • The thermal energy is delivered as process steam and district heating to nearby industrial companies